Scandalous contracting stories sent anonymously to our 50 Shades inbox were what we requested, and here is one of the first contractor confessions we received. In this post, a female contractor makes the most of a heatwave, and does a little working from home. 

Freelance PR

My first freelance job was as a PR, and the company gave me a mobile phone to cold call people to introduce their brand new company. I was happy not to do paperwork for a bit.

I lived in North London, and my back garden wasn’t tremendously sunny, but the metal fire escape steps from the first floor down to the garden got the best of the sun.


There was such a heatwave! It was delicious. I’d make myself a big smoothie and take a cushion out onto the fire-escape steps (the steps themselves burnt your bum to sit on once the day had heated up). Nail varnish, when applied to the toenails, dried in seconds sitting on those steps.

The insects hummed. A breeze stirred the trees. The neighbours listened to country and western with their patio doors open. And I called companies – enthusiastically, professionally, methodically (between sips of smoothie, that is).

I didn’t do a bad job, though I say so myself. Maybe I did shut my eyes for the odd snooze… The heat was soporific. But the companies I called responded well. And how were they to know I was basking in my bikini?

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One Response to 50 Shades of Contracting #2: Overheated home working

  1. Neil says:

    If only all contracts could be so enjoyable….but then again I do work in Scotland primarily!

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